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Sunday, July 8, 2018

An Olde Tyme Celebration


After recommendations from the people in the know, we headed to Melba, Idaho for their July Fourth festivities. We were among lots of people who traveled over an hour to celebrate and we were not disappointed. We did miss the tracker pull competition because we were indulging in a scrumptious fried chicken dinner at the Senior Center. We enjoyed the car show, especially the guys who talked about horsepower; CCs, and all things cars.


For me, the best part was the parade. So much patriotism was on display by the parade entrants and the parade watchers.



Old Glory was flying proudly and the crowd stood each time she went by. Big cheers went out for the military and first responders.


The parade had lots of classic cars and lots of horses too.



We headed home about mid-afternoon. The fireworks start at dusk. Up here in the north, dusk doesn’t happen till about 10:30. A tab bit too late for us. It was a wonderful day, just the same.

2Chronicles 7:14.jpg

Scripture and a Snapshot Week 27

I think I can hear  a John Philip Sousa march about now. Yes! It’s Stars and Strips Forever!!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Springtime in Boise


Our first spring in Boise has been wonderful. The plants in the front and back yards are all new to us. We figured we would just watch them over the spring, summer, and fall. Then we will have a better idea of what ones will stay and what will be replaced next year.


The best part of spring has been the birds. Most are varieties that we’ve not had the pleasure of seeing before. They are quite colorful too. In fact, we can spend many hours each day just sitting on the patio and watching the birds. We are getting pretty good at identifying some of them. I do miss the Blue Jays that frequented our yard in Northern California. But I do not miss all the crows and their constant squawking. We even have seagulls, not many of them, but enough to remind me of my teens year growing up in Huntington Beach.


Each day I look forward to grabbing a fresh, hot cuppa coffee or tea and my camera and heading out to the patio. Next thing I know is that the sun is setting…and that happens about 10:00 at night. Then I find myself wondering where the day has gone.


My time spent watching the Boise springtime in my backyard maybe why I have forgotten to get many of the June Scripture and a Snapshot posted here. Please allow me to get caught up on this right now.

2018 Scripture and a Snapshot Week 23.  Isaiah 12:2

Scripture and a Snapshot 2018 Week 24. Psalm 103:5

2018 Week 25 Ecclesiastes11v7

2018 Week 26 Psalm 145v13

Now that summer has arrived, I hope that I will be a little better about posting in a more timely fashion. I hope your spring was a great one and I wish you the best summer ever.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Scripture and a Snapshot Week 22

Although I had this completed timely and posted to Instagram, I some how forgot to create this blog post.  So, here I am…a day late.

Scripture and a Snapshot 2018 Week 22. Psalm 32:7

Scripture and a Snapshot – Week 22

Hopefully I will do better next week.  God willing…

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Spring Along the River

The River's Edge

Earlier this week, before three days of thunder storms rolled in, Hubby and I took a walk along the Boise River.  Both of us had our cameras, so we were able to capture some of the Riverwalk area.


As I was shooting part of the walkway, Hubby said that it looks like the shot will end up in my Scripture and a Snapshot post for this week.  The only scripture that came to mind at the time was about walking the straight and narrow.  This path was neither straight or narrow, so I didn’t think it would.  I thought that maybe the picture below and the scripture would be one about peace and/or rest.

Restful Spot

Yet, hubby was right and I did select the path photo.  It’s the snapshot that goes with this week’s scripture.

2018 Week 21 Isaiah 27:7

Scripture and a Snapshot Week 21

I hope your paths are straight and narrow and level and smooth.  I hope you walk in the blessings the Lord gives you.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Unexpected Finds

During the week, Hubby and I were out running errands. One of our stops was at a stone yard - we were in need of some flat stone to create a walking path from our driveway to the backyard gate. While Hubby selected the type of stones he wanted, I was checking out the surroundings and discovered an old tree filled with birdhouses.

Bird House Tree

They also had an old house (not for the birds) that was built in 1912. It appeared that the house was not being used for anything at this time. However, I loved the old windows on the side of the house. I’m thinking it may have been used as a sun room back in the day.

100 Year Old Windows

After we finished our stone yard stop, we headed up the street to find a tall, ceramic or terracotta planter to place on our front porch. We found one and while the purchase was being paid for and the pot loaded in our truck, I found this metal rooster that is taller than I am. He was in a place that made it difficult to photograph, but I did get a couple shots that were somewhat acceptable.

Mr Rooster

The day of errands turned out to be filled with some unexpected finds to photograph. Also, I found my inspiration for this week’s Scripture and a Snapshot.

2018 Week 18 John 14v2

Scripture and a Snapshot – Week 18

It reminds me that I need to look for the unexpected more often. I hope you will do likewise.