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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sacramento Delta


This weekend we took a trip to the Rio Vista area of the Sacramento Delta.  After the last storm blew through, the skies turned blue and shared some of it’s color with the river below.  This verse from the Psalms just seemed to fit the images.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Scene and Story from January 2017



On the first Sunday of each month, two blogging friends host a link-up party. Sarah of Paisley Rain Boots and Lee of Sea Blue Lens invite others to share a favorite photo from the past month and short story of the photograph.

The photo above is a favorite of mine from January. It’s not that great of a photo. The reason it means something to me is that it reminds me of something hubby did. I had been given a photo challenge for January to shot a still life photo in a corner. I had mentioned to hubby that come spring I would see what I could do with photographing in that corner window. My plan was to wait until after the stormy weather gave way to some sunshine and I had the time to wash those windows. While I was setting up my still life scene (in another corner of the house), hubby cleaned those two corner windows…and in the rain. Screens and all! He did this just in case I‘d rather not want to wait till spring. He is so thoughtful like this. So, I removed the box of tissue, TV remote, and phone from my nightstand. Then I clicked away. Not for the photo challenge, but because what he did meant a lot to me.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Rising River


Thankfully, we’ve had a very productive rainy season so far. It’s been an answer to so many prayers. Some reports say that California is officially out of the draught. Others say that there are still some areas that are classified as still experiencing the draught.

Living close to the American River, I’ve noticed just how much the river has risen these last few weeks. Hubby and I took advantage of a little brake in the rain to check it out…up close and personal. He’s quite comfortable being right at the river’s edge. As for me, well the biggest body of water I feel at ease around is an Olympic size swimming pool.

There is a bridge across the river that is used by walkers, runners, and bikers. When we were there, the bridge was completely under water.


Jan 2017

The last time we had a really rainy season the river rose a lot then too. But it didn’t cover the bridge. That was in December of 2010.


Dec 2010

Further up the river, we noticed that the parking lot near the boat launch was now just another part of the river. Some picnic areas and parts of bike paths are gone from sight – at least till the river goes back down.


Watching the river (from a safe distance) made me think of the verse from Isaiah: When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Short and Sweet

A winter cold has gotten the better of me this week.  Lots of fluids. Lots of rest.  Lots of time to just be still.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Friday we witnessed the peaceful transfer of power, from the 44th President of the United States to the 45th President of the United States. Two men, who appear to be polar opposites, completed the process with civility and respect. They may not like each other as a person, but they still conducted themselves honorably.

I have friends that are the polar opposites in their views of these current events. I’m sad to say that they don’t treat each other respectfully or honorably with regards to these changes. One doesn’t understand why I’m not over-the-moon excited. The other doesn’t understand why I’m not fighting mad and taking it to the streets.

What I tell them is that I have place my trust in God – not any man or any woman. He has never let me down. I trust Him with the concerns of the country. And He tells me to pray for those in authority (1Timothy 2). So I put my faith in God and I pray to Him for our leaders. I don’t need to take to the streets, because I take it to the Lord in prayer. And for being excited – well, I’m always excited to see what the Lord with do with answers to prayer.

How did my friends receive this? Well, I didn’t hear a Hallelujah. I didn’t get an Amen.

I did add both to my prayer list, and I’m praying for peace among friends.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Looking back...looking forward

It seems like I start a new year still quite involved with the past year. Backing up photos and documents for the last quarter of the previous year and double checking that I haven’t missed anything or possibly backed up duplicates. I also remembered to back up Lightroom presets and blog posts too.

My word for 2014 was Faith, but at the beginning of 2015, I felt like I had not gotten to where I hoped to be with my word. So I decided that another was in order. That worked out much better. My word for 2016 was Hear. I even tried a new way of working through my word. Apparently, it’s not the method at all because I find that I need to spend this year still with my word from last year. I’m OK with that.

Another thing I wanted to accomplish last year was to get as proficient with Photoshop as I was with Photoshop Elements. That took a while and some on-line classes, but it is now checked off my To-Do list. Replacing that item for this year is to learn about all the other things that can be done with the program.

Last year I joined a blogger friend, Cheryl, for Scripture and a Snapshot. Each week I’ve been joining others on Instagram (#scriptureandasnapshot) with my Scripture and a Snapshot. It’s something I look forward weekly. And I happy to say it’s continuing on. You can learn more at Cheryl’s blog: And, in addition, another group is doing the same on Pinterest. This one is organized by Jennifer and you can learn more about it on her blog where she also hosts a link-up for other bloggers.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Eyes toward the sky

This past week and on through to the end of the coming week we have a series of storms lines up. All the local TV channels are covering the same top story: Storm Watch 2017. Here in California we don’t get the magnitude of storms other parts of the country experience. What we call a storm would just be a rainy day elsewhere. We can get heavy rains at times and the winds might even gust for a good part of the day. Rarely do we have any thunder and lightning.

Yet I find that the changing sky is what captures my attention. Especially when there is a break in the clouds and a little sunshine peeks through. It’s glorious and I’m mindful of the Creator of such beauty. My soul sings. My heart flows with gratitude. My eyes search the changing clouds for any sign of what might be the beginning of the Second Coming of Christ. I am filled with excitement and anticipation.

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
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