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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Our Big Move – Part 2

Yellow House 01

At the end of my last post, I mentioned that we did some house hunting online while awaiting escrow to close on our California home. One of the sites we check out was from a subdivision we noticed while vacationing in Idaho this past July. We had quite a wish list for our next home. This builder had so many options that it covered everything on our wish list:

Yellow House 12

1. An RV garage for our travel trailer – we wanted it stored at our home, so it’s always accessible and we wouldn’t need to pay to have it stored somewhere else.

2. A garage big enough for our two trucks, plus storage of season stuff and a woodworking shop for hubby.

3. A great room open concept for the living spaces. In our last home we had a living room, family room, dining room and an eat-in kitchen. About the only time the living room and dining room got any use was for the holidays and on cleaning days.

4. A room for hubby’s home office and a room for my office/sewing/still life photography.

5. We also wanted an in-law suite should my parent ever want (or need) to move in with us.

6. Finally, we want a place with a minimal yard work.

Yellow House 02

Just prior to escrow closing, we towed our trailer to Idaho where we planned to live while finding our Idaho home. We arrive and set up our little temp home on 10/1. We had allowed ourselves an extra day should there be anything else that needed doing before we headed back to California to sign all the final papers and have the moving company pick up our household goods to store and later deliver to our new house.

It turns out there was nothing that needed doing, so we headed over to the subdivision to check it out and ask a million questions. As we were arriving I noticed a home with an RV garage and little red pick-up truck parked in the driveway. I pointed it out to hubby, and said there’s an RV garage and it even likes your truck is already there.

Yellow House 06

Yellow House 05

We followed the signs to the model homes and went in to talk with the lady in the office. They could easily build exactly what we want and at a reasonable price too. The kicker was that with winter approaching, it would take about 7 months. Yicks!!

As she drove us around the community, she pointed the clubhouse, gym, swimming pools, fire station, and myriad of other amenities. The she drove us by the house we notice earlier – the one with the little red truck in the driveway of the RV garage. She mentioned that the owner was going to be selling and that he even had a separate apartment in it for guests or in-laws. This news really peeked my interest…BIG TIME!!! However, that’s where we left it.

Yellow House 09

Yellow House 13

We returned to California, signed papers and watched our stuff being loaded into moving trucks. We cleaned an empty house, and then caught a good night’s sleep at a nearby hotel before driving back to Idaho and our tiny house. We were allowing for the month of October for house hunting and month of November for the escrow process. We just couldn’t image we would be able to wait 7 months before we could move into our next home.

Our plan was to visit the local branch of our bank and get preapproved for a mortgage before starting our house hunting. That process we very well and very fast. The bank even got us connected to a realtor. By the following weekend we were visiting home after home and not finding anything close to what we wanted. We then mentioned the home (with the little red truck) to the realtor. Yes, it was indeed for sale and we went to check it out. It had everything on our wish list and we had made up our minds to buy while we were still there.

There was negotiating, but an agreement was reached. Escrow is closing on the 30th. We can hardly wait to get into our new home and out of this tiny house.

More to come in the next post: Our Big Move – Part 3.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Our Big Move – Part 1

Our Big Move 1

Relocation from one place to another is an adventure at times and a frustration at other times. Most of this has been a great adventure for us. There have been those times that were not so much fun. We got home from Idaho at the end of July and started working our list of things that wanted to complete before contacting a realtor. Our timeline allowed us the month of August to complete these jobs. House trim got some fresh paint, the back deck spruced up, and some painting inside – all completed. Then the huge task was in order…clearing clutter and cleaning out the closets and getting the house depersonalized for showing. Yep, we watch a lot of HGTV. We understand staging the house to sell and that it’s no longer a home when selling it. We did quite well considering this was one of the most frustrating tasks. There were about four truckloads that were taken to the dump and at least that many to Good Will. Lots of stuff was given to friends, as well. We thought we nailed that entire process and was so happy to have it done. Or so we though…

Our Big Move 3

Our next step was to select a realtor and get the house listed. Our timeline wanted to see the house on the market by September first. We met with our chosen realtor on August 30th. She scheduled a professional stager to come the next day. It turns out our prior efforts were not enough. As we went room by room with the stager, she pointed out what needed to go and what needed to move to another part of the house. One surprise we had was that the stager made only a slight change in each of our offices. As personally set up as both rooms were, she liked them and we each able to have one room where we felt at home. After the stager left, we packed up the stuff that needed to go and put it in the garage. Things that needed moving got moved. Then the most frustrating time begins. That’s when you try to live in a house that has to be ready to show a prospective buyer with just a few minutes notice.

Our Big Move 2

The realtor scheduled a photographer to take pictures of the house to post online. That happened on the 6th of September. He would need a couple of days to have the pics ready for the realtor. We would have to wait to see them till they were online too. All the photos in this post are from that photographer. Sure wish I had his name to give proper credit because he did a great job.

Our Big Move 4

On Friday, Sept. 8th at 2:30, our realtor called to tell us the house was now in the MLS and we could see the pics there. That didn’t happen until a few hours later because the phone started ringing with other realtors calling to schedule times to show our house to their clients. We had two appointments scheduled for that evening and three more scheduled for the next day. However, the next day we found ourselves meeting with our realtor, going over the offers that came in. By 1:30, we had accepted one of those offers. In less than 24 hours of the house hitting MLS, we had a contract and were in escrow.

Our Big Move 6

Our Big Move 7

We celebrated by going out to dinner and putting shampoo and body wash back in our shower. You’ve no idea how great that later part felt.

Our Big Move 5

The rest of September was spent packing, interviewing and selecting a moving company, and getting a head start on finding our next home in Idaho. Oh, and getting our RV to Idaho, which we did on October first…right on our timeline.

Our Big Move 8

More to come in the next post: Our Big Move – part 2.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

I Missed the Best Part of My Favorite Season

2017-10-17 16.14.14

The last time I linked up with a Scene and Story post was in August. The scene was a photo taken while vacationing in Idaho in July. By the time we got back to our home in California, we had made a really big decision. We were going to sell our home and move to Idaho. Not only that, but we also created a list of the things that needed to be done and put a timeline on it. We knew we’d be living in our travel trailer for a while as we did some house hunting in our new state. This meant we would need to get the trailer to Idaho before the first snow in the Sierras as well as in Idaho. On October first, we set up our tiny, temporary home in Idaho. The house hunting started immediately, and I’m happy to say we are now just awaiting the closing of escrow. It has been a very busy, exciting, and at times a scary couple of months, Now that things have settled down to just waiting out the process, I realized that I missed out on photographing the beauty of this season. The only shot I have is this one – a little squirrel who is in the thick of the fall beauty.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Shotgun Rider

The Kayaker
This photo, taken while I was riding shotgun, is from a drive along the Payette River in Idaho.

Since May we’ve pulled our travel trailer around five states: the Grand Canyon to meet up with one of our daughters vacationing there and then a few other Arizona sites that have been on our bucket list. From there we were on to southern California to visit family. Our next trip took us to Oregon for one of Hubby’s Muzzle Loaders Competition. That then led us to Idaho for the fun of it. Then we headed off to Nevada with friends.

These destinations equate to long hours on the road. Usually, it’s at least a one day drive and sometimes two days of driving. Hubby is the designated driver when towing the trailer. Something I’m too scared to try. My job is to be an extra set of eyes and help with keeping us on our correct route. This job leaves me lots of time to take in the sites as we drive by them. I keep my camera handy and when something I see grabs me, the window goes down, and I start clicking. It doesn’t matter if the outside temps are at 122 degrees or if it’s pouring down rain. I click.

Sometimes I end up with more photos from riding shotgun than I do of the place we’re visiting. I’ve started color coding my shotgun images in Adobe Lightroom and they just might become a series one day.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Good planning, Poor Timing

Last week I was so happy that I had created my Scripture and a Snapshot early, so that I could finally get it posted on Instagram and this blog on time.  Carrying that thought forward to this week, I did the same for next Sunday’s image and verse too.  Only, I find that I forgot to do the blog post for week 31.  So today I’m getting both last Sunday’s and next Sunday’s posted together.  Here. And Now.

Week 31

Psalm 16:8

Week 32


Sunday blessings to you all…even if it’s only Thursday.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer Shade

circa 1880

This image is from a photo taken in Grants Pass, Oregon.  We were there for about a week earlier this month.  The shade this tree provided was so welcoming on such a  very hot summer day. It Afforded us some much-needed shelter from the sun.

Scripture and a Snapshot, Week 30.

Psalm 37:3.