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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Beginning anew.  A fresh slate.  I do love when the year begins again.  Many things will continue as usual - and that's OK with me.  There are many aspects of my life that I like and  I don't ever want to change - yet, some things I know will change.  That's why it's called life.  I pray that I handle the not-so-pleasant changes with grace and positive changes with gratitude. 

As you may have gathered by now, the most important things to me are my Faith, Family, and Friends.  I also love Life; the Love shared with another soul; and Laughing.  I truly do believe that laughter is the best medicine.  I try to find at least one good belly laugh each day.  Usually this a result of something I did wrong.

In addition to Ls and Fs stated above.  I also like Learning new things and Fotography.  I's slightly misspelled.  However, this way it begins with F and it reminds me that my spell check is working. 

As for Fotography - well, I've been a point-and-shoot kind of gal for many years.  Not ever wanting to forget a moment, a place or a face.  I've taken some classes on classes on processing images in PhotoShop Elements and I so enjoy using that program.

Early last year I realized the limits of my point and shoot method.  I tried to get my hands around hubby's DSLR, but it just seemed so big and awkward to me.  If I can't get my hands around it, it was going to be difficult to get my head around figuring setting.  Researching the internet led me to a possible solution.  A four-thirds camera seemed like it might be the answer for me.  I rented one for a week, just to be sure and had a blast with it.  Yep, this went to the top of my wish list.  Right down to make and model - and the extras I would need to start off with.  Christmas morning I was so surprised to find my wish became reality - thanks to that hubby of mine.

So this year I plan to learn as much as I can about Fotography.  The fundamentals and the processing of my Fotos.  The local colleges usually offer classes on Fotography, but I don't really want to wait till Spring to start.  In the mean while, I'll be checking for some online classes.  I also have hubby and some books available to get started right away. 

Feel free to check back here and see if I'm making any progress.  Also, suggestions and tips will be very welcomed.  I would love the help!  If you're on a similar journey, maybe we can help each other out. 

Happy New Year!!!

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