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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First Five of 2016


There is a process I seem to start each new year with. The first is always a holiday. Like every yearly holiday, there are traditions involved with that day. So, on the first, I enjoyed the New Year holiday traditions.


The second and third days of the each new year is all about de-decorating the house (inside and out) and the in depth cleaning associated with the task. If I had my way, the house would stay festive till well into January, but we live in a HOA and the CCRs state exterior Holiday decorations need to put away by the 3rd. I really don’t have a problem with this, as we chose to live in a community with such rules. And, if we packing away the outside goodies, then it seems the inside things need to join them…except for the glitter that escapes the vacuum, Swiffer sweeper and duster, and the mop. I like to think of it as little glitter reminders to hold Christmas in in my heart.

Then comes the fourth day – I tend to finally get to reflect on the year just past. The good things and the bad things. The things accomplished and the things still not done. People we were able to spend time with and those that we still miss.

The fifth day, well that’s usually thinking about the year ahead. What things are still important to me and what is not? What do I want learn more about? What new things do I want to try? Where do I want to visit?

Just us, hanging out at the camp site.

Last year we did the north/south drives to see family and friends who live along the west coast. In 2014 we drove east/west between California and Michigan to visit family and friends (that took a solid 5 weeks plus to do) so in 2015 we completed the visiting trips. Another highlight of last year was reading the Bible from cover to cover. I can’t remember not having a Bible, and after 60 plus years it would seem that I must have read every verse…but I wanted to know that I actually did it. ‘The One Year Bible’ made it easy going and quite enjoyable. There were new things I learned this past year in regards to photography…finally had some aha moments with shooting pictures in manual mode. The same holds true for post processing of my pictures too. Hubby and I kept to our goal of taking our travel trailer out for 3 – 5 days each month. We have really gotten into researching where we want to go and what we want to do while we’re there. I look back and know that we got all the L’s and F’s covered for this last year…Live, Love, Laugh, Learn – And – Faith, Family, Friends, Fotos.


Now, looking ahead into 2016…I’ve still got lots to learn about photography – taking the pictures and processing them too. A new Bible study has caught my eye and it should fill the entire year. Also, I’m joining Cheryl McCain’s invite to combine my images with scripture in Instagram – you can read more about this on Cheryl’s blog at Hubby and I will continue our monthly travels with our RV (affectionately named Flo) and we do blog about our travels at We’ll be doing our best to see that 2016 is filled with lots of L’s (Live, Love, Laugh and Learn) And F’s (Faith, Family, Friends and Fotos).


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