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Saturday, October 6, 2018

MIA for 3 Months

Autumn Anglers

I've been sort of MIA for the last three months. I am so far behind with Scripture and a Snapshot posts, that I’m considering waiting till the new year to start again. It’s been quite a busy time and most of it was not fun. Let me see if I can bring you all up to date.

In June, our good friends, Shaleen and George, from the Sacramento area moved near us in Idaho. After they got settled into their new home, we made plans to get out together at least once a week. We would take a day and explore our new home state. We referred to it as Wednesday Wonderings. Then as we found not all Wednesdays worked each week, we started referring to them as Weekday Wonderings. Before we even got the first day done, our friends had to go to Southern California, as her mom became quite ill. About the time they returned, we were heading to Grants Pass, Oregon for a week. A day into our trip, my dad was taken to the hospital and we found ourselves heading to Southern California.

Leading the Way

Finally, things seemed to have settled down, so we hitched up our trailers and went to Lake Cascade for a week. It turns out we really needed the time to just relax and breathe from the past three months. We did go to McCall, about an hour from the campground. On the way we passed an abandoned house – with cows on the porch. By the time we turned around the cows were off the porch.

When the Cows Came Home

Mainly we just stayed at our campsite and enjoyed the beauty of the lake. And we talked and talked and then we talked some more. We all decided we want to go back again.

Fire Sunset

The Sunset were beautiful, especially while sitting around a campfire.

Misty Morning on the Lake

In the mornings, there was a mist upon the lake. Between the ghostly look of the mist and the bluff looking like it was watching us, I just had to take the image into Photoshop and make it even eerier than it already was.


While processing the eerie image, I got in the mood to do a little more All Hollow’s Eve-ish play.

Haunted Hill

It feels good to be caught up here on LAF Time. I’m praying things remain calm and I won’t be MIA again.

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