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Monday, January 17, 2022

Resolutions, Little Words, Projects for 2022


Did you make resolutions for this new year?   Me? No.  

I’m still working on the resolutions I made in 2000.  I figure that as these did not get resolved in two decades, maybe I should give myself another decade to finally check them off my list.  Therefore, there’s no need to any additional resolutions.

Did you pick a new word to focus on for 2022?  Me? No.

The first year I did this was in 2013, my word was Faith.  For 2014, my word was Prayer.  Then came 2015, and although I selected a new word, I never felt like I was done with Faith and Prayer.  I did finish 2015 with the selected word, but when 2016 rolled around, I decided to go back Faith and Prayer.  Thus, for the past six years, I’ve had two little words – the same two each year.  Mostly likely I won’t get them all perfected this side of heaven.

Nevertheless, I do have a project I want to do this year.  It’s something I’ve had in mind since we bought our home four years ago.  There is an area that leads up to the front door and it reminds me of a courtyard.  This year I plan to make it an actual courtyard.  I’m thinking of French, Italian, Spanish, or Mediterranean.  Maybe even a New Orleans courtyard. 

Right now, I’m filling Pinterest boards with courtyard images – or should I say inspirations.  Also, plants for the Idaho climate.

The area has empty vertical spaces on two and half sides.  They are basically blank walls that need something – plants, water feature or art.  I pulled photos I’ve taken of the area, so I remember what it’s like in the spring, summer, and fall.

In case you curious why I didn’t just step outside for new photos…WINTER! 


Planning for spring is an enjoyable way to pass the winter months.

P.S. (Promise Seeking)

The LORD will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength.  Isaiah 58:11

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