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I’m married to my best friend. We have 6 grown kids, 15 grand kids, and 4 great grand kids. Thankfully, we are blessed to still have all 4 of our parents. We love to travel and that’s a good thing, because our family is spread out over 8 different states. Being retired allows us the time to travel, especially as we prefer the ‘road trip’ method of traveling. And we love to stop along the way to explore this great country of ours.

I’ve been a Kodak Moment kind of gal since I was a kid. Never wanting to forget a person or a place, I would capture the memory on film. That doesn’t mean I always got that precious roll of film developed. In fact, I think I still have a couple used rolls of film in the back of a dresser drawer. I love that in our digital world, we can see the fruits of our efforts immediately. And, if some of the fruit is rotten, we can trash it without feeling guilty.

A few other things about me:
I’m third generation native Californian, married to a fourth generation Michigander
I really dislike housework, but love a clean house
I love to be home, it’s my favoritest place this side of heaven
I start and end each day with prayer – that gets me though each day from the first “Dear Lord” and to the last “Amen” (with many little prayers scattered in between).
As for me and technology:
I really love and rely on googling
By nature I’m disorganized, I learned organization skills to fix it and depend on one calendar and one to-do list that syncs with all my devices.
I respect spellcheck, but I don’t trust it. Especially when I’m sending a mass (snail) mailing to Certified Public Accountants …and forget the ‘L’ in public. Nope, spellchecker did not catch that - I'm so sorry to say.
I thank God for the gifts of technology – and sometimes for the lessons in patience He teaches because of technology. 
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  1. Love your about page...and your random facts! The story about spellcheck made me smile :)

  2. Great page - it comes over as very friendly. I can relate to it too!

  3. Lovely I really feel as if I know a bit about you now x

  4. Just love your whole blog theme and the honesty displayed here.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  5. You're site is really coming along nicely, Carol. ;->

    I just laughed out loud when I read this, "I really dislike housework, but love a clean house." OMG, that's me too!! So, who can I hire for free? lol

  6. I really enjoyed reading about you - and the comment about spellcheck made me laugh so hard!


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